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Our ministry is supported by the generous donation of time, talent, and treasure.


Your generous financial support is vital to our continued ministry together. Online donations are processed securely via PayPal.


God's work requires many hands.  If you are able to give of your time by filling a vital role in our mission, please take a moment to get in touch.


At Holy Trinity, our call to ministry is reaffirmed each Sunday as we proclaim our mission statement:

"To bring Jesus to people through love and the Word of God."

This mission shapes the life and work of our congregation.  Youth mission trips, the DLM Resource Center, support of area ministries and organizations, backpacks & school supplies for local students, beautiful music & music outreach; these are but a few ways we are blessed to reflect the love and grace of Jesus in our community.  These works require the faithful dedication and work of hundreds of people willing to give of themselves, their time, and their treasure.


But there is more to do, and we need your help.  Perhaps you can proclaim the good news with conviction to a stranger or your friends.  Perhaps you are able and equipped to visit the orphan and widow.  Perhaps you can sing or play an instrument beautifully in worship to the Lord.  Perhaps you can contribute financially.  What do you do best? God has given you that gift and will use it for ministry, whatever that gift is!

Your generous donation is a statement of your partnership with Holy Trinity, making possible the transformative and healing work we are privileged to undertake.


Thank you for being a part of that effort, and responding to God's call with thanksgiving.

"That is why we labor and strive,

because we have put our hope in the living God,

who is the Savior of all people,

and especially of those who believe."

- 1 Timothy 4:10 -

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