Be the Spoon...

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

So...we have this wonderful video of our granddaughter Caroline getting her first taste of solid food. Go ahead. Take a look. I'll wait.

Cute, right? And in keeping with the tradition of her ancestors…at least those on her father's side…she took to this new culinary experience rather well. In fact, one taste was enough to convince her to dive right in…literally. And why not? A hungry baby; good cereal, lovingly prepared and offered. Pretty much guaranteed to elicit a “I need to get some more of that” response. Love the enthusiasm.

But I also love the possibility here for metaphor. Can you imagine it? A hungry humanity. Good news, lovingly prepared and offered by the divine parent who wants nothing more than for us to grow up into our lives all big and strong and healthy. God indeed loves us so much, and has given us the good news of Jesus Christ to prove it. But how, in a broken and often cynical world, does that goodness get communicated? What can possibly bear the answers to our urgent hungers? What has the ability, in the grip of the Father, to serve up what is needful for growth and healing and reconciliation?

I realized it when I saw the video. The spoon.

Dear friends, we have neighbors who are starving…aching spiritually, physically, emotionally. They are often battered by the injustice and apathy of world. Despair is the emotion of the age. We see it all around us. But you have been filled with good news, blessed by our gracious and provident Lord in quantity sufficient to share. You have been equipped with ability to carry that news simply by your own presence. Your baptismal life, held in God’s loving hand, can be just the conveyance of goodness and sustenance that those around you need most and need now.

Want a sense a purpose for your life? Are you searching for the true depth and power of your Christian existence? Let me suggest: maybe you want to be the spoon, too.


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