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DLM Food & Resources Designated a Mid-Size Pantry

The Akron Canton Regional Foodbank recently conducted its annual inspection of DLM Food & Resources, and it passed with flying colors … 100%! And, DLM is officially being moved up in its designation from a small to a mid-size food pantry. This was done based on the number of people fed through the program and the amount of food distributed. This new designation will allow DLM to receive different types of food to feed various ethnic groups. It also will allow DLM to receive a higher quality of food per packaging.

In addition to this new designation, DLM Food & Resources was classified as ‘the future of the next generation of food pantries.’ This basically means that DLM is far ahead in terms of the service and food provided as compared to other food pantries and the industry. Way to go!!

DLM was awarded a $1,000 grant per month from OASIS. Other funding opportunities DLM is applying for include Chick-fil-A, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, the Albrecht Family Foundation, and several others.

Lastly, DLM has partnered with a local property owner to place families from Project Rise as a part of the stabilization program that was started last year.


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