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Reverse Advent for DLM

December is almost here along with the many holiday traditions that come with it. While advent calendars, trees, wreaths, and all the other trimmings are a wonderful part of the experience, there is a way that you can adapt your celebrations to help others in need. As well as eating a piece of chocolate or receiving a small gift to mark the days that lead up to Christmas, the idea is to put aside an item each day to donate to DLM Food & Resource Center.

Collect the items anytime between December 3-24. Bags are available in the Chapel Lounge. Return the filled bags to Holy Trinity on Christmas Eve before/after the 7:00 p.m. worship service or on Sunday, December 31. A collection area will be provided in the Chapel Lounge.

Items to consider collecting:

· Full-size body wash

· Full-size ethnic hair products (shampoo, cream, etc.)

· Full-size tube of toothpaste

· Toothbrush

· Socks

· Underwear

· Bar of Soap

· Shaving Cream & Disposable Razor(s)

· Comb/Brush

· Feminine Hygiene Products

· Body Lotion

· Shower Scrunchie/Loofah

· Hair clips (accessories)

· Deodorant

· Lip Balm/Chapstick

· Hand Sanitizer

· Band-aids

· Pair of Winter Gloves

· A Scarf

· Reusable Water Bottle


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