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The Flower Fund Needs Your Support

One of the responsibilities of the Altar Guild is to arrange for the Altar flowers every Sunday, fill the Chancel with palms on Palm Sunday, lilies on Easter, and Poinsettias on Christmas.

The "Flower Fund,” which helps to provide the flowers, is dependent on contributions from the Congregation. This fund also provides wafers and wine for Communion. No monies are allocated from the Church budget for these purchases. Over the past few years due to the COVID pandemic and other circumstances, contributions have dropped substantially and the "Flower Fund" has been exhausted.

In this new year, flowers will be provided according to contributions. A new Flower Chart covering 2023 is in the Lobby. The cost is noted on the chart. Please take a minute to pick a date. You will be contacted for your dedication to be published in the bulletin.

The Altar Guild gives thanks for your generosity to glorify our Lord. If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Ickes at (678) 353-7444. †


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