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Pray Without Ceasing

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Praying the Hours has been a part of the Christian tradition from the outset. Based on the Psalmist’s call, “seven times a day I praise you for your righteous ordinances” (Psalm 119:164), there are times to pray that are set aside throughout the day and night.

Pray the Day is a modern interpretation of fixed-hour praying, meant to connect us to God no matter how crazy our day is.


Pray the Day guides you through seven times of prayer—the six on the image to the right, and an option time of prayer for those awake in the middle of the night. Print copies of prayer guides are available at the Welcome Center. Digital prompts will also be sent via Mid-Week Word and Social Media Posts.

A Monday Evening Zoom gathering will also be available for check-in, questions, and guidance. If you are interested in attending the Zoom gathering beginning Monday, May 1 @ 7 p.m., please contact Rachel Núñez, Director of Faith Formation. Call/Text (330)

634-6597 or email †

Pray the Day Guide


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